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Who We Are
Kevin Bell Physiotherapy is a leading source of physiotherapy in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK.  We believe in hands-on manual therapy, customer satisfaction, and the importance of experience.

All of our Physiotherapists have a minimum of nine years experience in their field, and all have a special interest in manual therapy.  We thrive upon patient satisfaction, working with local surgeons and NHS providers, and take a traditional approach to our clinic.

If you require a surgeon we have access to and work with some of the best orthopaedic surgeons in the country that specialise in very specific areas. This means we can work with you to provide the perfect resolution to your problem.

Why Choose Us?
We have exceptional experience
Whatever your needs, all our Physiotherapists have at least nine years experience. We cover a huge range of physical conditions and ailments, so whatever is affecting you can be treated by someone with experience in that field. We pride ourselves on our expertise and knowledge, and believe we offer a level of expertise unparalleled in the region.
We're personal
We believe in putting our experience to good use. When you book an appointment, you are not simply allocated to the physiotherapist with the next available slot, we ensure that you’re paired with the physiotherapist with the most experience in the relevant field. This leads to a higher quality of care, and greater patient satisfaction.
Sports specialists
With almost a decade’s experience at a top Premier League football club, Kevin Bell Physiotherapy can offer in-depth and industry-respected knowledge of sports injuries and conditions, and the best path to recovery.
Accessible clinic
Our clinic is in the heart of the city of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. With great transport connections and on-site parking, it’s never been easier to come and see us.
Our Clients