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Here at Kevin Bell Physiotherapy we work with a number of associates that we feel give the best service possible.

Kevin Clark
Consultant General Surgeon
Consultant General Surgeon

About Kevin Clark

Mr Clark is a leading Consultant General Surgeon, based in the North East, specialising in:-

· The surgical repair of groin injury
· Breast reconstruction.

We work closely with Mr Clark regarding groin pathology. We provide specialist Physiotherapy for both pre and post operative surgical groin repair patients.


Surash Surash
Consultant Neurosurgeon
Consultant Neurosurgeon

About Surash Surash

Mr Surash is a leading Neurosurgeon, recently relocated from Leeds to Newcastle, whose special interests include:-

· Degenerative spinal problems of the cervical and lumbar spine
· Peripheral nerve entrapments
· Brain Tumours

We work closely with Northumberland Neurosurgery, providing Physiotherapy for their spinal patients.

W: www.northumberland-neurosurgery.com